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Coiled Gradient Cable - Orange Creamsicle

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Important Information About Your Cable

1. This listing is only for a complete keyboard cable: device side cable and host side cable. Everything else is for display and for information only.

2. On cable lengths: High powered boards like Drop Ctrls may have issues with coiled cables due to the length. Check with your board's manufacturer to find the max length of cable for your board.

2a. Additionally, USB Rev. 2 USB compliant cable is recommended for lengths no longer than 15 feet. The max cable length possible is a configuration of a 9 inch coil and a 6 foot cable, which is just under 15 feet. Depending on your device, certain cable lengths may not work.

3. Our cables have shown incompatibilities with certain Macbooks. Please keep this in mind when purchasing for use with a Macbook, it is not recommended.

4. Treat your cables with care, and do not mix your cables with cables from another manufacturer. This may result in shorts or damage to your devices. MoreFunLessScience is not responsible for any damage.

5. Check out our FAQ and Important information page for additional information about your custom cable.


Materials: Paracord, Techflex, PET sleeving, USB Rev. 2 USB Compliant 28/28 AWG cable, polyolefin heatshrink tubing


No refunds for custom products. Repairs accepted within 2 weeks of delivery for craftsmanship issues under normal wear and tear only. Buyer pays for return shipping.

Host side: USB-A
Device side: USB-C
Turnaround time: 3-7 days

Originally a Peaches N Cream commission, this gradient was adjusted and perfected to match an NP Orange set. It's a vibrant and more pure orange, free from the pink and red undertones of Peaches N Cream. It's a USB-A host to USB-C device cable that features a white to orange gradient, paracord, white Techflex, white heatshrink, and a silver connector of your choice: GX12, GX16, or a YC8.

Each cable is made with care, dyed one at a time to craft a smooth gradient. The coils are then double-baked: oven baked, reversed, and baked again to produce a tight and springy coil. Each cable uses USB 2.0 compliant cable with a grounded drain wire, and is tested for quality, functionality, and safety: first with a multimeter, then with my personal keyboard. Please allow a turnaround time of 3-7 days for your custom Orange Creamsicle cable.

Want more options for your custom cable? Looking for a solid color custom dyed sleeving or a different sleeving base? Check out our custom/invoice orders page to get started.